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The Mocha is the best model for people most interested in flying - we think it is the most capable and fun R/C aircraft ever! The Mocha includes everything you need, including the assembled Quadshot, a radio transmitter, lithium-polymer flight battery, and charger. While ready to fly out of the box, the Mocha still has room to hack! It includes a streamlined version of the Lisa/M autopilot "brain" called Lia, which features 0.1" through-hole solder connectors. This makes it simpler to connect up accessories like sensors and xBee communication modules. The Mocha also includes an Aspirin Intertial Measurement Unit (IMU) mounted onto Lia.

To make the Mocha more affordable, the included Aspirin IMU omits two sensors not needed to fly a Quadshot under remote control, namely the magnetometer and barometer.


The Quadshot differs from a typical remote-controlled airplane or helicopter in a big way: it has a brain! The Mocha's brain is called Lia.

Like the flight computer on an advanced aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Lia is equipped with a sensor suite called an Aspirin Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). The IMU contains 3-axis solid-state accelerometers and gyroscopes to keep Lia up-to-date on which way she is pointing and how fast she is rotating.

Lia combines all of this information with your commands and then decides what to do hundreds of times per second. The advantage of being so brainy? You can tell the Quadshot to hover like a helicopter, fly slowly and steadily like a trainer airplane, or give you full control for aerobatics - all at the flip of a switch.

Lia may be small, but she’s powerful - and hackable! Lia’s hardware is (open), and she runs flight software based on the Open-Source Paparazzi project - which means you have the power to make changes, and also benefit from improvements made by others in the community.

What's in the Box

The Quadshot Mocha includes:

  • 1x Quadshot airframe (wing with four motor controllers, two servos, one 2.4GHz RC receiver, and Lia board with Aspirin 6-degree-of-measurement IMU)
  • 2x Winglets
  • 4x Pylons
  • 3x 8045 normal-rotation propellers
  • 3x 8045R reverse-rotation propellers
  • 1x Lithium-polymer flight battery
  • 1x small box containing Lithium-polymer flight battery charger and power cable (110-240V, 50/60 Hz)
  • 1x foam box containing:
    • 2.4 GHz RC transmitter
    • USB transmitter programming cable
    • Receiver bind plug,
    • Transmitter software CD
  • 1x parts bag containing:
    • 4x motors
    • 1x cyanoacrylate glue
    • 1x small hardware bag containing:
      • 4x motor clips
      • 4x propeller savers
      • 4x propeller saver rubber bands,
      • 8x propeller saver M3 machine screws

Quadshot Mocha box contents from left to right. Top row: Parts bag; 2x winglets; battery compartment lid; 3x 8045 normal- and 3x 8045R reverse-rotation propellers; lithium-polymer battery charger; lithium-polymer flight battery. Middle row: Quadshot airframe with electronics enclosure lid open. Bottom row: 4x pylons. NOT SHOWN: Radio transmitter foam box.
Parts bag content: 4x motors (in bubble-wrap bags); cyanoacrylate glue; small hardware bag contents: 4x propeller savers; 8x propeller saver M3 machine screws; 4x motor clips; 4x propeller saver rubber bands.
Radio transmitter foam box contents: 2.4 GHz RC transmitter; transmitter software CD; USB transmitter programming cable; receiver bind plug.


We designed the Quadshot’s airframe to be lightweight, yet durable. It consists of a one-meter (39 inch) wing, four pylons with motors and propellers, an enclosure for the electronics, and a standard threaded mount suitable for a small camera. The wing is made out of EPO foam, with a carbon-fiber spar for strength. The pylons are plastic-reinforced foam, and act as landing gear, motor mounts, and tailfins. They are set farther apart on the bottom of the wing to give your camera a clear view.