The Cappuccino

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The Cappuccino is a Latte kit PLUS four motors and electronic motor controllers, the wiring harness and LEDs, two servos and a set of propellers. The Cappuccino is unassembled and great if you have your own project in mind, or want spare Quadshot parts.

Important.png The Cappuccino requires additional components to fly.

Kit Contents

  • 1x Right Wing Half
  • 1x Left Wing Half
  • 4x Pylon
  • 1x Spar Cover Set (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • 2x Winglet
  • 1x Radio Receiver Bay Cover
  • 1x Carbon Spar
  • 1x Electronics Frame
  • 1x Electronics Frame Front Lid
  • 1x Electronics Frame Back Lid
  • 2x Servo Linkage Set (pushrod, control horn)
  • 4x Motor Clip
  • 1x 1/4" - 20 Camera Mounting Bolt
  • 1x Hook and Loop Strap
  • 6x M3 Screw
  • 4x M2 Screw
  • 2x Set A ESC (short wires)
  • 2x Set B ESC (long wires)
  • 4x Motor
  • 4x Prop Saver set (2x M3 screws, 1x Hub, 1x rubber O-ring)
  • 2x Propeller
  • 2x Reverse Propeller
  • 1x Red LED board
  • 1x Green LED board
  • 2x White/Blue LED board
  • 4x LED signal/ground wires
  • 1x LED Driver Board w/wires
  • 1x Battery pigtail
  • 1x Pigtail Kit (2 brass tubes, 2 shrink tube)
  • 1x Servo w/long wires
  • 1x Servo w/short wires
  • 2x Servo quick link
Cappuccino contents from left to right: propellers, pylons, spar covers 2 and 3, spar covers 1 and 4, winglets, radio receiver bay cover, front lid, rear lid, electronics frame, Set B ESCs; reverse propellers, left wing half (underside shown), right wing half, set A ESCs; carbon spar, LED power wires (red/black), voltage sense wire (red), blue/white LED boards and wires (blue/black), red LED board and wires (yellow/black), green LED board and wires (green/black), LED driver board, LED signal wire (white/black); servo accessories, servos, M2 screws, M3 screws, motor clips, camera mounting bolt, hook-loop strap, servo pushrods, control horns, prop savers; motors, pigtail heat shrink tube, pigtail brass tubes, battery pigtail.


We designed the Quadshot’s airframe to be lightweight, yet durable. It features a standard threaded mount suitable for a small camera. The wing is made out of EPO foam, with a carbon-fiber spar for strength. The pylons are plastic-reinforced foam, are removable for easy storage and transportation, and act as landing gear, motor mounts, and tailfins. They are set farther apart on the bottom of the wing to give your camera a clear view.

Additional Necessary Components

To fly, the Cappuccino requires a brain (electronic autopilot board), a battery and a radio system. Most quadcopter hardware can be used to make the Cappuccino fly like a quad.

To make it fly like a Quadshot, a variant of the Lisa electronic autopilot board running Paparazzi software is necessary. Lisa autopilots are available from The TRI Quadshot Store.

If you are using a Lisa, we recommend using a Spektrum® DSM2-compatible radio transmitter and two Spektrum® DSM2-compatible "satellite" receivers such as the SPM9545. Note that a main receiver (e.g., with servo outputs) is not necessary, as the remote receivers plug directly into Lisa, which decodes their output.

Other radio systems may be compatible with Lisa but may require modification, software configuration, and/or additional components to function.