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This article covers Quadshot-specific information on RC radio systems. For information on using RC radios and receivers with vehicles running Paparazzi in general, please see the Paparazzi RC Receivers and Radios wiki page.

2.4 GHz Systems


Spektrum DX6i Transmitter

While the DX6i does not have three-position switches for easily changing between all three Quadshot flight modes or all three stick sensitivity settings, it can be used by making the following changes.

1. Enable Quadshot Flight Modes by adjusting the flap settings on the transmitter:

  • Switch on the transmitter
  • Enter transmitter settings by clicking the roller
  • Choose Flaps:
    • Set FLAP NORM to (down arrow) 100 so that the Flap switch position 0 (Up) corresponds to Quadshot Flight Mode 1, hover mode
    • Set LAND FLAP to (up arrow) 100 for the Flap switch position 1 (Down) to correspond to Quadshot Flight Mode 3, aerobatic mode
  • Exit Flaps by choosing List
  • Choose MIX 1:
    • Set FLAP -> FLAP ACT
    • Set RATE D: -100% U: 0%

This should give: Mode 1: Flap switch up, Elevator Dual Rate up Mode 2: Flap switch up, Elevator Dual Rate down Mode 3: Flap switch down

2. Optionally enable Quadshot Stick Sensitivity by editing your airframe file to remap the Gear switch (on the radio's channel 5) to the RADIO_EXPO Paparazzi variable (note this will map the two switch positions to up = most sensitive and down = least sensitive):

  • Determine which airframe file to edit by opening paparazzi/conf/conf.xml and locating the block for your aircraft, e.g., for the Quadshot Espresso:
    settings=" settings/settings_qs4.xml"
  • Note the airframe file given:
  • Open the specified file, in this example paparazzi/conf/airframes/esden/qs4_lisam2_a21.xml and locate the block beginning:
  <firmware name="rotorcraft">
  • In that block, locate the sub-block beginning <target name=ap and ending </target>.
  • Add the code
     <define name="RADIO_EXPO" value="RADIO_GEAR"/>

onto its own line in that sub-block.

  • Save and close the file
  • Flash the updated firmware onto your autopilot