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This is a user-compiled list of hardware found to be compatible with the Quadshot. No guarantees or endorsements are made or implied. Information may be incorrect or outdated. All trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.


Note: the Quadshot ships with an XT60 battery connector.


  • 8" diameter x 4.5" pitch propellers with 5mm- or 7mm-diameter center hole:
    • Gaui 8A and 8B
    • Draganfly Innovations 8x4.5

Propeller Savers and O-Rings

Hobbyking 3mm Prop Saver Note the metal collet fits prop center holes of 5.5mm, 7.0mm, and 9.5mm diameter; Quadshot props are 5mm and would require reaming.

Tower Hobbies

Horizon Hobbies

Radio Control Transmitters

Radio Control Receivers

Note that primary receivers are not required - only 'remote' or 'satellite' receivers with three-wire output. Use of two satellite receivers is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for improved reception.

  • Spektrum SPM9545 DSM2 Remote Receiver
  • OrangeRx R100 Satellite Receiver

Telemetry Modules

Note regulations covering telemetry module frequency and power vary greatly by country. See for more info.

xBee Modules

  • Digi XBee 1mW 802.15.4 module with wire whip, chip, or external antenna, Digi part numbers of the form XB24-A_I-001, where _ defines the antenna type (see here).
  • Digi XBee Pro S1 63 mW (USA) module with wire whip, chip, or external antenna, Digi part numbers of the form XBP24-A_I-001
  • Sparkfun
  • Digi-key carries a wide range of modules, search for the Digi part numbers as above

xBee Carrier Boards

Sparkfun Explorer Regulated board with cable for interfacing with Lisa/M (or Lia if Picoblade connector is removed). Note red power wire connects to 3.3V input.