Building Quadshot Firmware Tutorial

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Before You Begin

This document assumes you have Paparazzi installed and are using the Transition Robotics Toytronics branch. See the Software User Guide for more information.

Compile and upload firmware

  • Remove the propellers from your Quadshot.
  • Compile the firmware:
cd paparazzi
make AIRCRAFT=QS4_M2A2 clean_ac ap.compile
  • Connect the flight battery. (This prevents the Lisa's small onboard power supply from attempting to drive the servos and motor controllers when it is connected to USB power)
  • Connect your autopilot board to your computer using the appropriate USB cable.
  • Upload the firmware to Lisa:
make AIRCRAFT=QS4_M2A2 ap.upload

Flashing precompiled autopilot firmware

If you have a compiled firmware file (usually called ap.bin), you can load it directly onto the Lisa/M or Lia using the bootloader. Connect your autopilot to your computer via USB and ensure the bootloader is running (Lisa/M or Lia LEDs cycling up and down). Then, from your paparazzi installation directory, enter the command

sw/tools/dfu/ /path/to/the/firmware/folder/ap.bin

When an aircraft's firmware is compiled, the ap.bin file is created in


Notes and troubleshooting

Different autopilot and/or IMU

Depending on your Quadshot "brain" and IMU, replace QS4_M2A2 in the above commands with the following:

  • QS4_L: Lisa/L (the Quadshot Kopi Luwak)
  • QS4_LIA: Lia (the Mocha Quadshot)
  • QS4_M1A1: Lisa/M 1.0 with Aspirin 1.x (e.g., the Quadshot Cappuccino with self-provided Lisa/M v1.0 "brain" and Aspirin v1.x IMU)
  • QS4_M2A1: Lisa/M 2.0 with Aspirin 1.x (e.g., the Quadshot Cappuccino with self-provided Lisa/M v2.0 "brain" and Aspirin v1.x IMU)
  • QS4_M2A2: Lisa/M 2.0 with Aspirin 2.1 (e.g., the Quadshot Espresso)

Mac OS X Notes

If you are running Paparazzi on Mac OS X or have a non-default Paparazzi installation you may need to provide additional command line parameters to the ap.upload command line:

PYTHON: If the python installation is not located in your default path or you need to use a different version you can call for example:

make AIRCRAFT=QS4_M2A2 PYTHON=python2.7 ap.upload


make AIRCRAFT=QS4_M2A2 PYTHON=/opt/paparazzi/bin/python2.7 ap.upload

JTAG vs. Luftboot USB Bootloader

FLASH_MODE: Select JTAG instead of Luftboot firmware upload, for example:


BMP_PORT: Use Black Magic Probe instead of Floss-JTAG.

make AIRCRAFT=QS4_M2A2 FLASH_MODE=JTAG BMP_PORT=/dev/ttyACM0 ap.upload

or on Mac OS X you should check what filename the black magic probe shows itself on your system by running:

ls /dev/cu.usbmodem*

and then using the first name in the following call to Paparazzi make command:

make AIRCRAFT=QS4_M2A2 FLASH_MODE=JTAG BMP_PORT=/dev/cu.usbmodemDDE091B1 ap.upload