LisaM2 program upload error! clears to bootloader
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Author:  esden [ Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: LisaM2 program upload error! clears to bootloader

Did you try to force the bootloader by shorting the ADC2 pin to ground? (The layout of the pads is labeled here ... ektrum.png)

The easiest way is to use a pair of small tweezers and then plug in power. You should see the blink pattern then.

Also the Floss-JTAG is discontinued, (too expensive for what it delivered :) ) It got replaced by Black Magic Probe. They should be back in stock soon hopefully. I really hope you will be able to resurrect your lisa/m board without it.

You can also disconnect all the motor controllers and servos from your board and then plug in usb. (The reason why we recommend you power up your lisa/m first and then plug in USB is to prevent a situation where you are driving the servos from your USB connector what may in seldom but possible case fry your USB port on your computer)

Cheers Piotr

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