Things I Learned Flight Testing the QS
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Author:  Chris [ Sat Aug 18, 2012 2:22 am ]
Post subject:  Things I Learned Flight Testing the QS

When I first showed up, I knew a little 3D, mostly sport flying. I knew how to hover but not well. I could fly a preemptive flight pattern and not lose the plane to distance or controlled flight into terrain.

The first week when I flew the plus design I flew in Mode 3 only because it was every RC modelers dream. It was just like the Wolf Spyder except better. A vertical takeoff plane. I had built a Sumo before and did VTOLs and wall landings with it. I also dreamt up how to build and fly a Wolf Spyder with a local hobby shop employee a week before I was hired to fly these things.

Anyways, Mode 1 hovering was almost impossible. It has quadrotor controls with yaw and roll backwards compared to a fixed wing. But now, I can't hover it in Mode 3 because I learned to fly it like a quad. Forward flight is just like a fixed wing; just hovering is the problem. But, I can fly a 3D foamie no problem with fixed wing controls.

Now, I basically never touch Mode 2. Mode 1 is very safe and fun and Mode 3 is VERY fun. But, Mode 2 feels a little hesitant. Anyways, more later when people start flying their own QSs or ask questions.

Author:  jbartley [ Mon Sep 10, 2012 4:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Things I Learned Flight Testing the QS

My first flight test I only hovered. Everything worked great with a little trim adjustments. My second flight I decided to try mode 2. NOTE: Only switch to mode 2 if you are in a good size open field. The quadshot took off a lot faster than I was expecting. I thought forward flight would be a little slower. I was in a large field so I was fine but pretty much lost control as I could not get the quadshot to come back around to me. I flipped back into hover mode and had no problem getting it back and landing safely. I have a lot of experience with rc planes and in mode 2 it did not seem to fly much like a plane. I later done some testing on the ground and discovered that in mode 2 the quadshot does some things I was not expecting. For example when I would turn to the left (roll left) the quadshot did not stop turning when I released the stick. It would continue to attempt to turn until the orientation of the wing actually turned. ( I think this is probably to assist in flight but it does not feel right to me when flying. ) I noticed in mode 3 it seemed to respond much more like my planes and I will probably attempt mode 3 flight next time.

Author:  psinha [ Mon Sep 10, 2012 7:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Things I Learned Flight Testing the QS

Please note, the Quadshot will self coordinate turns in mode 2, ie, you only need to use the right stick to make turns.
This is why it feels different from a regular RC plane.
Also, if you hold the wing banked on the ground in mode 2, the autopilot will think that you are banked in order to turn, but are not actually turning, and will hence continue to feed in yaw. Thus a hand hold test in Mode 2 is not entirely informative in this case.

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