Modified QS
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Author:  Chris [ Wed Sep 24, 2014 6:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Modified QS

The high powered QS uses the stock pylons with some modification to mount some bigger outrunners. These came with backplates but were removed. We are also running 30A Afro ESCs. The QS survived about a dozen abusive flights without incident, until a friend flew it around normally when it disintegrated in flight. We think a pylon broke at the motor mount. So this same QS was rebuilt with pylons that have strengthened motor mounts. I also put on some 9x5 propellers in hopes of keeping a little more speed through the maneuvers. I have yet to fly it, but I will soon. In this picture you can also see that I made an aluminum adapter for one motor without modifying the pylon in hopes of an easy method to adapt these motors. One other somewhat sketchy thing is that these motors use a threaded shaft to mount the props, something that did not go well for me and a friend when we built quads for ourselves to compete in the Game of Drones at Maker Faire this year. They kept throwing props when just flying around, but so far these have held strong.

If anyone has any ideas for new and exciting maneuvers please post. I was thinking of trying an outside rudder loop during knife edge, and removing the winglets to try and get it to tumble more without passively stabilizing.

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Author:  Chris [ Wed Oct 01, 2014 7:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Modified QS

So I flew it fir the first time after the repair and crashed it bad. I broke three motors, but have three spares, so I will rebuild it and make three more of those aluminum motor adapters. I let the battery get to 10V before deciding to land and the voltage went to 8.6V immediately. I was hoping it wouldn't sag so hard being 65C, but I guess not. Lesson learned.

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