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Return-to-level strength 
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Is there a parameter that could be adjusted in my Mocha (I'm okay with having to hook up a cable and download a new firmware or something) which would increase the forcefulness with which it wants to return to a horizontal position? For example, if I tilt it forward 5 degrees (estimating) and then let off the stick, it will move forward quite a ways before it returns to a horizontal position. If I want to move forward a little ways and then stop, the stick behavior would be forward, neutral, and then backward. I find myself stressing over constantly analyzing which way it's going, and therefore which way I need to correct to counteract that direction of travel.

Having messed with controls of quadcopters in flight sims, there seems to be an adjustability for the gain of how strongly it wants to return to a horizontal position. Low gain allows for "incremental" control input (forward to tilt, then neutral to let it fly forward at this tilted angle, then reverse to tilt it back to level to stop) versus high gain for "absolute" control input (forward tilts it forward a linear relation between control throw and tilt angle, so it must stay held at 20% forward to maintain a 5 degree forward tilt for forward flight - letting off the stick, it will "whoah up" and come to an idle horizontal position). I may be misusing terms here, but I'm just trying to convey the general idea. I just find myself focusing more on flight corrections than on the flight itself.

Right now the Mocha Quadshot flies with a seemingly incremental control input. For less skilled pilots, it would be nice if I could turn the return-to-level strength up to make it help me out more, in returning to a level flight without needing as much counter-correction control input relative to its current pitch/roll. I know this may make it fly more "dumbed-down" but I'd rather start there and then turn down the gains to get more freedom of control as my skills and confidence improve.

For example, we put the Feiyu FY-30A flight stablizer (elevator / aileron / rudder) in a very twitchy A10 EDF jet, and when switched on, the pilot immediately stops sweating as the plane calms down and snaps to a horizontal orientation whenever the stick is at neutral. Adjusting the gains took some tuning, to let it still be able to pitch and roll without trying to help return to horizontal so much that it interfered, while also being strong enough to quickly regain horizontal attitude upon release of the controls. Since quadcopters function on a similar principle of sensors tracking its current position relative to horizontal, and then helping adjust flight accordingly, then this is where I am hoping an adjustable gain may exist, that I might be able to change its variable to a more stabilized flight. I plan on trying to carry a GoPro on this, so it would be better to have something that (in Quadcopter mode 1) tends to hold a strongly stabilized horizontal position.

Sorry for the long spiel on what is probably a small question. Overall I'm very excited about this aircraft, and once I get my skills and confidence up, the GoPro2 is going on there and footage will be headed to YouTube.

Wed Sep 05, 2012 4:58 am

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Post Re: Return-to-level strength
You will need to get paparazzi going, but all gains are completely adjustable.
Just to be clear about terminology here, you are always in absolute angle control in modes 1 and 2; this is just the stick mapping to the reference that the plant is aiming to reach. Mode 3 is incremental.
For snappier action, try increasing the p and d gain in the the conf/airframes/esden/toytronics/gains folder for the appropriate aircraft type. You will need to recompile the firmware and load it onto the Lia via a micro-usb cable.
Hope that helps.

Wed Sep 05, 2012 7:30 pm

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Post Re: Return-to-level strength
Thanks, that sounds like exactly the information I was looking for.

Wed Sep 05, 2012 8:09 pm

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Post Re: Return-to-level strength
In some cases, even at default setup of conf, airframes, recompiling the firmware and through Lia via a micro-usb cable do work...

Fri Dec 07, 2012 5:52 am
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