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I heard about your project from a friend. I fly RC helis and planes, only micro however, not the "big boys". I also have an AR.drone. So of course your product is on interest. However, what a the terms and conditions for any "kickstart" "investment"/order? I appreciate the passion and desire but its also a bit of vapourware and I'd hate to lose my money. There wasnt anything on your site I could see about the T&C's and I think a lot of people would be more comfortable pre-ordering if we knew exactly what we were getting into. So if you can let me/us know that would be great.

I was amused at the way you name the product tiers, being a coffee drinker and I roast my own beans. I in fact do have some kopi luwak at home and drink it sparingly. However I think I'd go for the $750 or $500 list version of the quadshot (also a cool name).


Sat Aug 06, 2011 9:28 pm
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Thanks for your interest. Pranay and I are still at DefCon so I will have to give you only a very short answer to your questions. I can write something longer when we get back home.

Quadshot is definitely not vaporware, ask the dozens of people at DefCon that saw it flying. :) But I understand your concern Kickstarter/Preorder always has the risk that things don't get finished, get delayed and so on.

Just to make sure you saw these too there are two video log episodes with footage of Quadshot flying here:

But what is exactly our current status. We have working and well tested electronics and software for the Espresso and Kopi Luwak tiers. The electronics for the Mocha tier is designed and routed. The airframe model is only being tweaked on by now to prepare it for injection molding. On the todo list there are from top of my head the following things:

- Manufacture, test and finalize the electronics for Mocha (as it is just a Lisa/M with some parts removed and connectors replaced with thoughole I don't see it being problematic)
- Finalize the CAD design of the airframe
- Get the funding from Kickstarter so we can press go on the injection molding process
- Produce and assemble wire harnesses
- Assemble the airframes
- Ship them

Some things that have to happen in parallel to that.
- Test and finalize USB bootloader for Mocha and Cappuccino to simplify firmware updates
- Write a pc software for firmware updates and easy configuration of Mocha (This is necessary to simplify the interaction with the platform. Everything will work just fine without it and you should not need it. All systems come preprogrammed and configured)
- Write lots and lots of documentation (Already in progress but lot's more is needed)

I hope this answers your question at least a bit.

Cheers Esden

Sun Aug 07, 2011 12:55 pm
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